The Cast of Number, Please. at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018


Georgie Rodgers - Sheila Chadwick

Georgie Rodgers is very excited to be playing the role of Sheila Chadwick in 'Number, Please.'. This is her third summer bringing a production to the Fringe and they seem to be getting better and better each year! When not on stage, you can find her running the bar at Bedlam Theatre or lounging about on the Meadows for hours at a time. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Fergus Head - Charles Briand

I’m Fergus Head. I’ve been told I have to be sensible. Actin’ is crackin’. I’m playing the part of Charlie and I’d like to be a pilot when I grow up. Or a pineapple. Or the country of Ukraine. I hope you enjoy the play.


Megan Lambie - Penny

Megan is a third year Law student but probably spends more time doing theatre stuff than reading Scottish Law Commission reports. She's played some great roles in the past such as Servant #1, the Virgin Mary (primary school Nativity Play) and 'Tree' (various productions). She's thrilled to be working on such a cool play with such cool people and she thinks Penny is a snazzy gal.


Talia Stirling - Janice

Talia Stirling is a professional Actor Musician with a natural flair for comedy. Talia has recently graduated with a BA Honours degree in Acting And Performance and has over a decade of experience in Musical Theatre. She is an accomplished guitar player and singer. Talia’s skills have been put to great use in several of Geez A Break’s productions. She has greatly enjoyed playing multiple roles in the show ‘‘Once Upon A Time – Dolly and Daisy’’, performing in a one woman show as ‘Mary Christmas’ in “ A Round Of Applause For Mrs Clause’’ and also showcasing her music and acting skills in “A Highland Fling’’. Talia has also been able to showcase her songwriting skills, writing and performing music for Kapow Theatre Scotland and for the Scottish Mental Health touring production of ‘On Any Given Night’ around Scotland. With several Geez A Break projects up and coming for the year ahead, as well as a Edinburgh Fringe debut , Talia is tremendously excited.


Dominic Sorrell - Pete/Grant

Dominic has been acting for about as long as he can remember. He was part of the York Youth Theatre Royal since the age of 5 and performed in many shows during his time there, including an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s “The Witches” and Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”. Now a student at the University of Edinburgh, Dominic has got involved with the EUTC and performed in the debut of 'Number, Please.' last October; he now reprises his role in this year’s Fringe. This year is Dominic’s very first Fringe performance.


Rob Merriam - Jack

Rob studies English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies, reading and being in plays. Plays like ‘Number, Please.’! Book tickets now!!!!!!


Tiffany Garnham - Linda

Tiffany is a second year student at Edinburgh University. She will be playing Lynda in 'Number, Please.' This is her first fringe and she is really excited to be a part of it! She has acted in numerous plays whilst a part of university theatre companies, the most recent one being 'Our Country's Good'. She has also tried my hand in directing but enjoy acting so much more. 'Number, Please.' has a terrific cast and crew and she can't wait to bring it to the fringe!


Saul Garrett - Jim

Saul Garrett would rather not write this bio as they are so often filled with narcissistic nonsense and things that would be more suited in a CV than anything else. However, as my current goal in life is to make films (I’m writing this before creating the promo so hopefully that will have gone well), I’d like to quote one of the greats, James Dean: ‘the prime reason for existence, for living in this world, is discovery.’ We should always do as much as we can, experience all that there is, and for myself and those reading this, that should start with 'Number, Please.'…