Number, Please. 2019

Watch this space for exciting updates about our plans for ‘Number, Please.’ in 2019!

Paprichoo at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018!

We are thrilled at the success of Paprichoo's five star, sell-out debut production of 'Number, Please.' at this year Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 

Our team are utterly delighted and our run could not have gone any better! Take a look below for more information on 'Number, Please.' and look out for announcements for more shows coming in the future.  

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Number, Please.

When switchboard operator Sheila Chadwick answers a mysterious call from a dying woman, she is entrusted with a top-secret message to be delivered to the ominous Charles Briand. Fast-forward half an hour, Sheila is chasing friends, foes, and old flames on the 14:52 to Exeter, as members of the Nuclear Justice Association attempt to arm the entire world with enough weapons to destroy it. Can Sheila, the not-so-innocent bystander help diffuse the situation? Or will her utter lack of experience and necessary skills drag the mismatched team down?

Set in 1952, this fast-paced original comedy satires classic spy films with an abundance of fourth wall breaks and shocking plot twists, as well as the expected high-speed train chase. Think Clue. Think Monty Python. Think The 39 Steps, but with actual roles for women.

Number, Please. In Development

Number, Please. follows the adventures of Sheila Chadwick, a switchboard operator in the 1950s. The show's concept originated with non-other than the original Sheila Chadwick. Like in the show, the real Sheila worked on a switchboard in the 1950s and to this day she continues to share tales of listening into people's phone conversations - a common occurrence in the 1950s! And so, inspired by the farce of shows such as The 39 Steps and the absurdity of classic spy films like James Bond, a script was born. 

The first draft was written in December 2016 by our writer and director, Becca Chadder - the granddaughter of non-other than Sheila Chadwick herself. The script was completed within three weeks and edited over the following months. A show team was assembled, the actors cast in the summer of 2017 and rehearsals began the following September. After two months of intense rehearsals, the show was performed by members of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company in October, with an amazing response and sold out shows on both nights.

Following such an excellent first run and (most importantly!) the support of the real Sheila, members of the original production team and cast came together to revive the show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. Following significant script revisions, many additions to our team and the securing of a prime slot at theSpace on North Bridge, our Fringe run began! Our Fringe debut was a huge success! We sold out many performances and recieved 5 star reviews. There are now plans for more productions of 'Number, Please.' in the future so look forward to seeing us again soon!