About Paprichoo

Paprichoo is a brand new female-led theatre company based in Edinburgh. We formed to promote new feminist writing and we aim to create new and exciting roles for women and non-binary people in theatre. We have first-hand experience of the lack of female writers, directors, producers, and meaningful female roles in the theatre industry right now and we want to do something to change that! Paprichoo believes that there are too many diverse and interesting stories that aren’t being told and we aim to give young creatives a safe, professional, and accessible space to tell them.

Our Goals are...

  • To create new and exciting theatre that pushes boundaries, whilst remaining enjoyable for both the company and audiences;

  • Share new stories from different viewpoints to challenge dominant perspectives in the arts;

  • Promote new and innovative writing by people from all backgrounds and in all styles;

  • Form a creative community focused on sharing experiences and learning from one another.

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